Thursday, August 19, 2010

McIntel, 4 potentially disruptive outcomes

Can't help but blog on this as INTC was my first Silicon valley employer in 1992-95 and MFE my last in 2008-2009.

Here's 4 potential disruptions that I see could come out of this transaction:

1) Disruption of AV market distribution .... OK, Andy Janquith may call PCs today's horseless carraiges but there still a lotta PCs to be sold, with a lot of AV licenses to be had. Even before Intel moves AV to firmware, they can move incentives to Intel Inside, regulators notwithstanding. I worked on the I2 program at Intel, and it is a well oiled and managed machine. Intel will not be shy to use its significant marketing muscle to push MFE desktop share up.

Timeframe: Short after close
Likelihood: High
Potential Impact: Medium - with a nod to AJ

2) High perfomance silicon to MFE Network Security devices: Having access to Intel's design and build silicon might has to have the FW/IPS/Web security guys at MFE drooling. Hi perf silicon can be a real differentiator in NW security, yet I've seen little discussion of this. Bandwidth, mobility and content all lead to need for hotter silicon on network security

Timeframe: 2-3 yrs
Likelihood: High
Potential Impact: High

3) Cloud Computing Security - What is it? A wide open playing field. Owning cloud servers and network security assets makes for an interesting mix. Not sure what to expect here, but I am sure smart people are thinking about it

Timeframe: 1-3 years
Likelihood: Not sure
Potential Impact: High or nothing, one to watch

4) MacIntelafee - Remember that Intel is a major supplier to Apple. Many in IT Sec think Apple products are the next horizon of for malware and cybersecurity risk. Yes, I know ARM plays a big role in Apple, but so does Intel. And what a better alliance against Google and a way to keep MSFT honest.

Timeframe - Hmmm
Likelihood - High that something happens
Impact - Time will tell

This acquisition will be very interesting to watch. One thing I can tell you from personal experience is that the companies are a very good cultural fit. Disrupt away, we will all be watching!!!

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